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Visualize Your History

Display your watched movies and shows in a poster grid. Easily switch between years and get an overview of all your history.

Screenshot of the dashboard you will see once logged in. Shown is the movie overview for the year 2023, with all movie posters in a 5 column grid. You can use previous/next buttons to switch years and enable a "Screenshot Mode" to remove the gaps between the columns and rows.


Poster Grid

Your Trakt History is used to display posters of movies and shows you watched in a minimalistic layout. No distractions, just posters.

Screenshot Mode

Want to create your own “Year in Review”? Enable Screenshot Mode and take a picture 📸


Change the color scheme of the whole website by changing its color hue. You can also switch the language for your posters.

Open Source

The whole website is available on GitHub for you to read. Contributions welcome 🥳


Screenshot of the dashboard divided into 4 equal columns. Each column shows the dashboard in a different color (the first one is grayscale) to highlight that you can change the color mode for the whole app. Showcasing the "Screenshot Mode". The gutters from the poster grid are removed and you can choose how many columns you want to display.